Flyers From Old Zami House Showz!

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Support and Educate yourself on the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike!

Whose security is protecting who?

Photos of Zami!

Not all famous/amazing spots are featured in this post, stay tuned.

Front Haus Kitchen!

Back Haus Kitchen

Bike Haven

Pirate Ship/Winter Circle

Welcome Home

Zami Garden

Aerial View

Street View

The Lab

B&W Bathroom

Toxo has invaded Zami’s mind

We currently have 5, yes 5 cats and kittens roaming the property. Making sure that sofas have scratch marks, flies are smashed and eaten, and that squirrels stay out of the gardens.
Here’s Cleo:

Toast humor

An old house member forwarded this link to us, check out “types of toast” for hours!!

Kitty Toast, one of many


CHAZAM! (Chavez+Zami) Patches!!!

some of our lovely, sexii, talented house members have been working on screen printing patches! here’s some photos!!

Want one!? email! donations <3'd

a house united

Where did “Zami” come from?

Zami is a carriacou name for women who work together as friends and lovers.

Zami: A New Spelling of My Name by Audre Lorde (biomythography)

A New Spelling of My Name

all should read and reread!